Projects (Open Source)

  • AutoFix - Static Analysis + LLMs
  • Sapling - A planning tool for remote and distributed teams
  • Commit Watcher - Find interesting and potentially hazardous commits in git projects
  • EFDA - Evaluation Framework for Dependency Analysis
  • Botwall4J - A botwall for Java web applications
  • GramTest - grammar based test case generation
  • Pathgrind - automated testing and fuzzing based on dynamic path exploration


  • Mera Mixture Chat - a chat interface powered by the mera-mix-4x7B model
  • meraKB - a knowledge assistant to store and chat with your documents
  • vcGPT - a writing tool to generate your next pitch
  • myGPT - a chatbot trained on a dataset of daily conversations
  • Sapling - a planning tool for remote and distributed teams
  • ASCII Art - a JavaScript application that converts images and videos to ASCII
  • Magicco (Magic Comics) - a fun application that allows users to upload their photos and cartoonize them